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One of the great advantages of Algrip Slip-Resistant Floor Plate is that it can be easily fabricated into finished components using common metal working tools. The superior bond strength of the Algrip slip-resistant surface allows the plate to be fabricated by:


Algrip is easily punched or drilled to accommodate fastening devices or bolted installations where the plate is required to be removable.


The excellent adhesion of the skid resistant deposits allow for clean forming of the plate without cracking or delaminating the traction surface.


Algrip can be fabricated to size by economical mechanical shearing without cracking or damaging the safety providing traction surface.

Finishing & Maintenance

The durable base substrate of carbon steel Algrip and the inert properties of the slip-resistant custom alloy laser deposits readily accept traditional metal finishes without compromising the superior traction properties of the plate. Algrip products can easily be finished with paints or powder coating. Hot dip galvanizing can be accomplished without sandblasting or other expensive surface preparation. Aluminum and Stainless Steel products typically require no finishing after fabrication. Maintenance concerns are limited to proper cleaning of dirt and debris from the flooring. With a combination of Algrip and proper housekeeping procedures you will continually place your employees on safe footing!


Both the top traction surface and the bottom bearing surfaces can be easily welded without damaging the slip-resistant walking surface.


Common metalworking tools can be used to countersink the Algrip substrate. Countersunk fastening eliminates potential tripping hazards created by protruding fastening devices.


Intricate or radial cuts are easily accomplished using oxygen-acetylene or plasma gas cutting tools.

Sample Specification

Floor plate shall be Algrip Slip-Resistant Floor Plate by Ross Technology Corporation, P.O. Box 646, Leola, PA 17540, (800) 345-8170. Slip resistant surface shall be applied by CNC laser deposition process incorporating no less than 1,000 deposits per square foot. Deposits are to penetrate the metal substrate to produce a permanent bond. Static coefficient of friction shall be tested to exceed 0.80 COF for both wet and dry conditions.

Alloy of base material shall be A-1011 Carbon Steel (or A-36 Carbon Steel, 3000 Series Aluminum, or 300 Series Stainless Steel). Material shall be 1/4" thick (specify from 14 gauge to 1-1/2" thick). Material shall be finished by Hot Dip Galvanizing (bare steel, painted or galvanized for carbon steel products, mill finish for aluminum or stainless steel products).