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Risk-Reward Analysis

When considering any investment, there are options. Safety flooring products are no exception. The risk-reward pyramid for safety flooring starts with common diamond/checker floor plate. This product is inexpensive, but provides little or no safety when wet or oily. The cost is low, but the risk is high.

The second level of the pyramid relates to floors that have been treated with coatings or applied surfaces. These hybrids provide a fair level of safety when initially installed but often create a maintenance burden. When subjected to wear, applied coatings can quickly deteriorate. Applied surfaces can crack or de-laminate when subjected to service loads. To maintain safe working conditions with these products, there is often a continuous and costly maintenance cycle.

When you invest in Algrip, you have selected a superior safety floor surface that is virtually maintenance free. Once installed, employees and employers are provided the highest level of protection from slips and falls. Supervisors can focus their attention on smooth plant operations rather than recurring maintenance. With Algrip, you are at the Top of the Pyramid!

Return On Investment

Positive returns are rarely guaranteed on any investment. However, the long-term benefits provided by Algrip Slip-Resistant Flooring products are undeniable.

Beyond maintenance, the greatest return on your Algrip investment stems from a reduction in work-related slip and fall injuries. When workers are provided with this additional protection, there is often a significant reduction in slip and fall injuries. This drop in incidence directly enhances worker productivity, increases injury related savings and effectively increases bottom line performance!