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Algrip Slip Resistant Flooring Products are manufactured through a patented CNC laser deposition process in which hundreds of rugged, custom alloy slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of a substrate.

This flexible manufacturing process allows for the manufacture of two popular industrial flooring products, floor plate and bar grating.

STAINLESS STEEL - popular in food processing and clean room environments, Algrip Stainless Steel plate and grating products are manufactured with a substrate of ASTM alloy 304 or 316. Virtually maintenance-free, these products provide unsurpassed slip resistance in areas subject to the accumulation of moisture or debris. Additionally, the properties of the stainless steel substrate facilitate compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

CARBON STEEL - plate and grating products intended for pedestrian traffic are manufactured with ASTM A-1011 steel substrates. For structural applications, ASTM A-36 steel plate and bars are available. Carbon steel products can be provided with a mill finish, painted or hot dip galvanized after fabrication.

ALUMINUM - where weight and corrosion resistance are paramount concerns, aluminum plate or grating products are available. Plate products are available in alloys 3003 or 5052 per ASTM B-209. Grating products are manufactured from either alloy 6063-T6 or 6061-T6 per ASTM B-221. Aluminum products are typically provided mill finish.


While selection of the appropriate substrate is important, the true life cycle of safety flooring is traditionally determined by the durability of the slip-resistant properties of the walking surface. This is where your investment in Algrip begins to pay dividends.
The traction providing laser depositions of Algrip Flooring Products have been tested for hardness and adherence by independent testing laboratories. The results of these tests assure that Algrip will provide unsurpassed service life.
Laboratory analysis has measured the hardness of Algrip traction providing custom alloy laser depositions at up to 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. Under repetitious pedestrian and vehicular traffic, these deposits will provide continuous, safe, effective service.
The cross-sectional photograph above illustrates the deep penetration of the symmetrical laser deposition into a steel substrate. Laboratory tested, the deposition penetrates the substrate and is enclosed by a strengthened heat affected zone. The resulting bond strength, combined with the proven deposition hardness provides unsurpassed durability regardless of wear or abrasion.

Cross-section of Algrip laser deposition
magnified 32 times.