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Slip-Resistant Metal Bar Grating

Metal bar gratings are widely accepted as the preferred option for open metal floors. To enhance the performance of these products, metal bar gratings can now be specified with the added safety of the Algrip Slip-Resistant surface.

Prior to assembly of the grating, the custom alloy laser deposits are applied to the walking surface of the grating bearing bars. This process produces a bar grating with superior, long-term slip-resistance when compared to plain or serrated surface options. As with plate products, gratings are available in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Gratings are available in bar sizes and spacings to meet the varying needs of industrial and commercial applications. Industrial applications are routinely served with Standard Mesh Grating. These products have bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16" on center and cross bars spaced at 4" on center (type 19-4).

ADA compliant gratings must have bearing bars spaced no further than 1/2" apart. To meet this criteria, gratings with 3/16" thick bearing bars spaced at 11/16" on center should be specified (types 11-4 or 11-2). To provide additional safety in areas where high-heeled shoe traffic is anticipated, type 7-4 or 7-2 spacings should be considered. These close-mesh products are manufactured with 3/16" thick bearing bars spaced at 7/16" on center and yield a 1/4" clear opening between the bearing bars.