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An Investment in Safety

Workplace safety is a must for employees and employers alike! Spiraling costs for work related injuries include lost productivity, medical expenses, increased workers compensation insurance premiums and disability payments.
Repeated studies indicate that slips and falls account for over 20 percent of all industrial injuries. Often these injuries involve claims for shoulder, neck and back injuries. These injuries are painful and lingering for employees, and expensive for employers.
Algrip™ Slip-Resistant Flooring Products are designed to meet the challenges of industry's most demanding environments. The products presented in the following pages are durable, technologically advanced and provide employees and employers with a superior level of protection. When you select Algrip, you are clearly making an Investment in Safety.

Slip Resistant Floor Plates

Algrip Slip Resistant Floor Plate is a solid stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum floor plate available in thickness from 14 gauge to 1-1/2". Algrip Floor Plate is intended to serve applications where a solid working surface is desired.

Slip Resistant Metal Bar Grating

Algrip Slip Resistant Metal Bar Grating is a "self-cleaning" open flooring designed to provide safety where open area is desired for the passage of light, air and fluids.


• Wet/slippery Environments
• Food Processors
• Platforms
• Utility Vault Covers
• Walkways
• Assembly Lines
• Stair Treads
• Ground Support Equipment
• Inclined Ramps
• Pharmaceutical Facilities
• Floor Boards
• Mass Transit
• Shipboard Use
• Oil Platforms
• Printing Facilities
• Petrochemical Facilities