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Inline Architectural Grilles are manufactured by interlocking rectangular steel or aluminum bars in distinctive square or rectangular patterns. Bar spacing is custom and infinitely variable to provide the specific architectural accent desired for your project.

Popular for interior and exterior applications including:

• Solar Screens
• Security Grilles
• Balcony Railing
• Fences
• Equipment Enclosures
• Architectural Building Accents

Straight Line Patterns

Our most popular Inline patterns are straight line squares and rectangles. Main bars are commonly specified 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4"thick with depths ranging from 1" to 6". Spacing of the main and cross bars typically range from 1" to 12" on center. For bar sizes and spacing exceeding these limits please contact Grating Pacific prior to specification.

Cross bars in the grid are commonly full depth and match the thickness of the main bars. However, enhanced aesthetic character may be achieved by specifying cross bars of contrasting thickness or depth. If specifying alternative cross bar sizes, please indicate if the cross bars are flush top, flush bottom, or intended to project beyond the top or bottom plane of the main bars.

Tilt Patterns

For applications where increased visual screening or shade is desired, Inline Tilt patterns can be specified. Tilt patterns are available with the main or cross bars installed on angles up to 45 degrees.


Inline Aluminum Grilles are available anodized (clear, gold, bronze or black) or coated with baked finishes such as enamels, polyesters or Kynar 500, in standard or custom colors. Inline Steel Grilles are available hot dip galvanized or powder coated in a wide spectrum of colors. For additional information on finish coatings, contact Grating Pacific.