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Neenah Foundry Castings

Grating Pacific is your one-stop resource for high-quality, American-made construction castings from Neenah Foundry. We are proud to offer the following Neenah Foundry products:

• Cast iron inlet grates and frames

• Ductile iron inlet grates and frames

• Cast iron manhole frames and covers

• Ductile iron manhole frames and covers

• Access lids

• Trench grating

PLEASE CONTACT GRATING PACIFIC FOR DESIGN ASSISTANCE AND QUOTATION. Construction Castings CLICK HERE for more inlet frames, embed frames and grates. Neenah Construction Casting CLICK HERE for more trench grating solutions.
Neenah Construction Castings Neenah Catalog of Products CLICK HERE to visit the Neenah Foundry website and review their entire product range.