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Algrip Slip-Resistant Grating &
Stair Treads

All Grating Pacific bar grating products are offered with the premium Algrip slip-resistant surface. Type "W" welded carbon steel or stainless steel, types "DT", "SL" and "SG" steel, aluminum or stainless steel products, all available with our full variety of finishes.

For Load tables and additional information on Algrip Slip Resistant Products visit here.

How to Specify Grating with Algrip Surface

  1. Specify type of grating:
    • "W" for welded steel
    • "SG" for rectangular bar aluminum
    • "WS" for welded stainless steel
    • "DT" for dovetail steel
    • "ADT" for aluminum dovetail
    • "DTS" for dovetail stainless steel
    • "SL" for swage locked steel
    • "SGF" for flush-top aluminum
    • "SLS" for swage locked stainless steel

  2. Select bearing bar and cross bar spacings
    • Examples: 19-W-4, 7-SL-4, 15-SG-2, 11-SGF-4, etc.

  3. Specify bearing bar size with Algrip Surface
    • Examples: 1-1/4" x 3/16" with Algrip Surface

  4. Specify banding or additional trim

  5. Specify finish:
    • Examples: bare, painted, hot dip galvanized, anodized, commercial clean, etc.

  6. Specify fasteners (if required) - view fasteners


Types 304 and 316 Stainless Steel – Popular in food processing and clean room environments. Virtually maintenance-free, these products provide unsurpassed slip-resistance in areas subject to the accumulation of moisture or debris. The properties of the stainless steel substrate facilitate compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

ASTM A-36 and A-1011 Carbon Steel – Easily fabricated by bending, burning, and welding. Carbon steel products can be provided with a mill finish, painted, or hot dip galvanized after fabrication.

ASTM B-221 Aluminum – Available in types 6063 or 6061, aluminum Algrip is light in weight and resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Aluminum products are typically provided mill finish.

Algrip Grate

Algrip Slip Resistant Floor Plate

Algrip Slip-Resistant Floor Plates have efficiently served industry for over 40 years. When work areas are subject to the accumulation of moisture, fluids, or lubricants, Algrip is your number one choice. Manufactured in thicknesses from 14 gauge to 1-1/2", Algrip Floor Plate is designed to serve applications where a solid, safe working surface is essential.

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