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Architectural Products

Grating Pacific is proud to present Coda Architectural, a new and exciting collection of architectural products. Designed as a solution for infill panels, fences, trellises, sunscreens, and louvers, these products combine aesthetics with security and code compliance.

The Opus line represents the marquee offering from Coda Architectural. Infused with European design, these products provide a distinct yet complementary accent. Opus products are available in a series of square and rectangular patterns that serve as the foundation for any design. Panels are easily fabricated with contours, diagonals, and finish trim to build creative solutions that seamlessly blend with adjacent architecture. Finished in a variety of metallic and organic coatings, the panels provide an aesthetic solution to screening and fencing applications of all types.

Visual elegance, distinct flexibility, expressive aspects . . . Coda Architectural®.

  • Architectural, industrial and residential applications
  • Timeless square and rectangular patterns
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Discreet to prominent security
  • Wide variety of finishes and colors

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Coda Architectural
Coda Architectural