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Service Loads

The load tables within this website provide load/deflection criteria for most common applications. These tables provide a concise reference allowing the specifying authority to select the appropriate bearing bar size and spacing for the intended application.

Pedestrian loads are commonly analyzed with uniform and concentrated loads. For pedestrian comfort, deflection is typically limited to 1/4".

Heavy duty and vehicular load tables are presented for specific load conditions. Heavy duty load tables are presented with deflection limited to the lesser of 1/8" or L/400.

If your application is not addressed by the load tables found in this website, please contact Grating Pacific for assistance selecting the product most appropriate for your application.

Specification Criteria

When specifying metal bar grating it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Service load required and acceptable deflection
  • Unsupported clear span
  • Flooring surface
  • Banding and trim
  • Finish


Surface Options


Plain Surface

Standard surface with excellent "self-cleaning" characteristics. Suitable for
most applications.

Serrated Surface

Preferred for applications where moisture or fluids cause the walking surface to become wet and slippery.

Algrip™ Surface

Durable slip-resistant deposits on the walking surface provide enhanced
slip-resistance for applications in the public way. For more information.


Steel products are commonly provided with one of three finishes: bare steel (no finish); painted with one coat of manufacturers red, black or silver paint; or hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-123.

Aluminum products are offered mill finish with optional chemical cleaning or anodizing also available.

Stainless Steel products typically require secondary cleaning due to discoloration that occurs during welding and fabrication. Commercial cleaning, passivation, or abrasive blasting can provide a uniform matte surface while electro-polishing leaves a bright stainless finish.

Other - All products can be provided with specialty finishes including enamel or epoxy paints, or powder coating. When considering specialty finishes, contact Grating Pacific for consultation.


Painted Steel

Mill Finished & Anodized Aluminum



The open ends of the grating may be banded to provide additional
transverse stiffness and a finished architectural appearance.
Achieved by welding a flat bar, similar in size to the bearing bars,
to the cut end, banding enhances safety and should always be
specified when gratings are designed to be removable.
Banding can reduce impact stress by transferring load to adjacent
bearing bars and should always be specified when gratings are
subject to vehicular loads. Further banding descriptions and welding standards can be found here.