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Trench Grating Systems

Trench Grating Systems by Grating Pacific allow the user to combine any of the gratings presented in our Trench & Inlet Systems page with any of the frames in the Embed Frames section of this website. Systems are available in Standard Duty for pedestrian loads or Heavy Duty for vehicular traffic. Unlike cast iron or molded trench products, this flexible system allows the user to specify the exact clear opening ("S" dimension) desired.

Because Grating Pacific offers five distinct embed frame profiles, the user can select a frame to meet the exact edge condition desired. Bolting the grates to the frames is optional and must be specified.

All gratings are provided with plain surface (the optional serrated surface is also available when specified) and open ends are trench banded to maximize drain capacity.

Unless otherwise noted, all trench frames and grating are hot dip galvanized after fabrication in accordance with ASTM Specification A-123. Our most popular systems are listed in the table below.

How To Specify Trench Systems

Trench systems are specified by component model numbers. Simply follow the sample specification below.
Trench Grating Systems
Th-12-EZ (B)
"T" indicates trench grating while "H" indicates type H "Heavy Duty" grating. Specifiy Heavy Duty )type H, HA, or HP), or Standard Duty (type S, SA, or SP). Indicates trench clear span or "S" dimension in inches. Indicates type of frame from sections illustrated in
Embed Frames.
Optional component to specify bolted grates as shown on
Trench & Inlet Sytems page.

Standard Duty Heavy Duty
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