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Grip Strut® Safety Grating

Industry leader Grip Strut® provides maximum slip resistance in wet and oily environments. The standard serrated diamond matrix walking surface grips shoe soles securely in all directions and complies with the anti-slip values set forth in Federal Specification RR-G-1602A.

Grip Strut® FEATURES:

"Maintenance-free" Open Design - allows for the quick passage of fluids, mud, snow and ice.
High Load Capacity - high strength-to-weight ratio achieved by deep section properties can serve longer spans than many comparable products.
Lightweight - planks are easy to fabricate and install.
Versatile in Application - standard width planks can be fabricated to accommodate almost any requirement.

Proof Of Performance

Fewer accidents, with resultant lower insurance costs and reduced workman's compensation losses, should be the logical reason for specifying GRIP STRUT® Safety Grating for walking-working surfaces and stair treads.

Values stated below are determined in accordance with standards for slip-resistance established by Federal Specification RR-G-1602D. The values indicated are an average of values obtained for five sole materials (leather, boot rubber, shoe rubber, Neolite and Hypalon) tested in three directions (longitudinally, transversely and diagonally) for the surface conditions noted. Values are in pounds of force necessary to move a 175 lb. load one inch across the surface of grating.