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Looking for Orsogril?

Grating Pacific is pleased to announce the line of Coda Architectural products, which will supersede the line of Orsogril steel fencing and gates. By using the chart below, you will be able to easily convert the original Orsogril product to the corresponding Coda Architectural line. If you already have existing Orsogril product in your current project and need it matched by pattern or color
Grating Pacific has the answers and we are only a phone call away.


Orsogril Coda Architectural
Sterope Opus10
Pleione Opus20
Danae Opus30
Dione Opus40
Britosterope Opus50
Stadion Opus60
Alcione Opus70
Talia80 Opus80
Talia100 Opus100

In addition to the Opus line of Orsogril style carbon steel products, Coda Architectural can supply product lines in aluminum, fiberglass, perforated or mesh designs.