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Perforated Metals are sheets of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or specialty alloys that are punched with round, square or ornamental holes in a uniform pattern. Popular sheet thickness ranges from 26 gauge through 1/4" plate (thicker plates are available on special order). Common hole sizes range from .020 to 1" and greater.

Perforated Metals Applications:

• Architectural Accents
• Filters
• Screens
• Strainers
• Grills
• Ventilation Covers

IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT - Grating Pacific takes exceptional pride in providing the absolute finest in service. We will gladly ship your requirements from any of our four service centers within hours!

SUPERIOR SELECTION - Complete inventories of all popular styles and sheet sizes are readily available. We complement this "common" inventory with countless "hard-to-find" uncommon styles and sheet sizes in stock! By stocking such a wide variety of styles and materials... steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass... your project can be completed on-time!

CUSTOM PRODUCTS - If our vast inventory does not provide a style or sheet size that suits your specific requirements, simply contact our customer service representatives. We will gladly provide custom products tailored to your exact specifications!

FABRICATION SERVICES - Not just stock sheets, our service centers maintain complete fabrication capacity. We offer shearing, sawing, forming, rolling, and welding. Additionally, we can provide finishing services such as painting, galvanizing and anodizing!

UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Our commitment to your satisfaction is unsurpassed! The opportunity to exceed your expectations is sincerely appreciated.

Perforated Metals
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